Hello to everyone who attended my presentation on the spiritual side of mathematics last weekend in Lake Tahoe.  Thank you for the warm welcome.
I still get a little nervous when I give these presentations and, because of that, I sometimes forget to say some of the things I had planned to say.  What I forgot to say last Saturday was that I think the whole theme of the presentation is something that all of us intuitively know.  That the spiritual side of mathematics is one of the things that has drawn us towards mathematics in the first place, and remains on of the reasons that we are happy to be involved in mathematics professionally.  The purpose of the talk was just to bring that forward and acknowledge it.  Talking with some of you after the presentation let me know that you feel the same way.
I also forgot to mention that, after being in my breakfast group – the one with two artists, two poets, and me – for a couple of years, it does seem like we go about our work in the same way.  I think Paul Halmos was correct in saying that mathematicians should be considered artists, not number crunchers.  It is also interesting that my poet friends tell me that the poems are already there, it is just a matter of waiting for them to be put down in writing.  Possibly similar to what Galileo was saying about everything we learn is already within us.
If you have anything to add to the theme of the presentation, or if you want to contact me for any reason, just email me at pat@mathtv.com. Thank you again for the warm welcome in Lake Tahoe.
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Pat McKeague

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